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"Hey CMT! Thank you so much for offering these templates! I am a gym owner and we produce all of our own mixes.. You guys have really helped us a ton! THANK YOU!!!"
Jasmine, Florida

"We have looked for an easy fix to to have our music sound professional. You guys did it! We can now create our own mixes with a great appeal. You guys rock!"
Jennifer, NC

"I first stopped here in 2014, you guys were still building. I downloaded a template and had an amazing year!! I plan to tell more people about this site"
Ashley, MD

"I absolutely love you! I have a few skills here and there with software, I loaded my template and had a complete mix within 2 hours with my music choices!"
Karen, Oh

"Why havn't anyone ever introduced this concept before? You guys are the pioneers to help us produce our own music, you are a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!! One track file, its all that I need!"
Alison, MO

"I have been looking around the internet for kits and sounds for my music.... I came across your site. I am blown away! I love everything that I hear! I am a choreographer and you just legit just saved me a ton of money!!!!"
Jason, MD

"I have a 2 min routine and purchased a 2:30 routine temp, I was able to cut down the time easily and seemlessly using Acid Pro! This sounds so professional! Thank you so much for having a site like this for us!"
Zavier, Ca

"I was a litte worried at first. I purchased a template and then I went to download to see that the download already expired. I emailed you, and used the order lookup link and I got my file. You have a customer for life! Keep them coming! Just glad that this is a legit company!"
Ashley, Ny

"I hate ordering online when I do not know the website. You guys were so prompt on e-mail and assisted with my questions. I ordered. I had my file within seconds. You all are beyond great. Thank you so much!"
Sean, WV

"Hi Cheer Music Templates. I am just breaking into the world of cheer music. Your templates make my music sound like a Worlds teams! Thank you thank you!"
Beth Ann, Ga

"You guys used to list only the template, and now you list actual music in the samples. I am sold. You guys are something else!! I plan to purchase alot more!!!"
Tara, Ma

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